Pricing For Long-term Profitability

Warner, Alan, Goodwin, Chris

Pricing For Long-term Profitability
DATE 2002
AUTHOR Warner, Alan, Goodwin, Chris
ISBN 9780273659334

Description of the book

Pricing is vital to the profitability of every business yet often those responsible for determining it have had little or no formal guidance in the concepts and techniques that should underpin it. Get it wrong and you may alienate your customers, price yourself out of the market or eat into your profit margins. This briefing takes a business-oriented, cross-functional view to pricing. It examines the impact of competition, customer perceptions and expectations, and the position of price in a coherent marketing strategy. It addresses the key issue of elasticity and sensitivity to volume from strategic, marketing and financial points of view. If you grapple with pricing decisions in your business, you will find this briefing an invaluable guide to profitable price setting. Contents include: A framework for pricing Generic pricing strategies Understanding the competition The drivers of consumer price sensitivity Price as part of the marketing mix Price, value and profitability Analyzing the financial impact Cost structure and pricing behavior Cost plus pricing revisited Pricing, business objectives and value creationWarner, Alan is the author of 'Pricing For Long-term Profitability', published 2002 under ISBN 9780273659334 and ISBN 0273659332.


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... to fulfil its different objectives such as profitability, cash flow or growth ... 6. Long-Term Care Insurance Pricing and Profitability | ASPE ... . A high price maximizes short-term profit but will result in a loss of market share, and hence have a negative impact on long-term ... Buy Pricing for Long-Term Profitability (MB Finance) by Alan Warner, Chris Goodwin (ISBN: 9780273659334) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. However, by focusing on value pricing you will be able to increase your long ... PDF Is the Price Right? Pricing for Long Term Profitability ... . However, by focusing on value pricing you will be able to increase your long-term profitability, gain customers, and develop a following of loyal customers. Neil Baron wrote a great article for Fast Company on how a dead squirrel taught him about value pricing. PRICING FOR LONG TERM PROFITABILITY PhD student Andrea Erika NYÁRÁDI Budapest University of Technology and Economics "The more you can slice and dice your prices and offerings without affecting your brand, the more you can sustain profitability." Eric Mitchell, Profe...