Reputation Management

Griffin, Gerry

Reputation Management
AUTHOR Griffin, Gerry
ISBN 9781841122311

Description of the book

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...Management. Enterprise Companies. Improve brand perception and your bottom line ... 8 Must-Have Online Reputation Management Tools ... . Reputation Management. C-Suite Executives. reputation management: Activities performed by individual or organization which attempt to maintain or create a certain frame of mind regarding themselves in the public eye. Reputation management is the process of identifying what other people are saying or feeling about you or your business; and taking steps to ensure that the general ... If your online reputation management efforts are not enough to protect or r ... Online Reputation Management Solutions ... ... ... If your online reputation management efforts are not enough to protect or restore your brand image, you have the choice to request help from a professional. About the Author: Dan Virgillito is a content strategist for Massive PR , providing online reputation management services (i.e., helping companies monitor, defend, and restore their brand reputation on the internet). Successful reputation management increases the value of businesses and brands, as well as helping operations run more smoothly. From FTSE 100 companies to starts-ups, we help organisations to become stronger and more sustainable by managing their reputation as an asset. A unique approach to the management and building of reputation Reputation management goes by a variety of names — online reputation management (ORM), internet reputation management, rep management, brand perception. Whatever you call it, the goal is to shape public perception about a person or business, though you may be surprised to learn just how little control brands and individuals actually have over their reputations. Our reputation management services includes: Reputation measurement We help you understand measure, track and value your organisation's reputation and provide insights for better decision-making and reporting. Protect your reputation We work with you to understand your organisation's internal and external reputation risk profile and make recommendations on how you can be more resilient to ... created the Online Reputation Manage...