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DATE DE SORTIE: 01/01/2000
ISBN: 0-07-134444-6
AUTEUR: Kurt Thearling

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Data mining technology-the ability to recognize and track patterns within data-provides companies with a powerful competitive advantage. You may understand this vital technology, but how do you go about actually implementing it to meet your corporation's specific needs?Building Data Mining Applications for CRM is the one book that bridges this gap. Unique in its breadth, ease of reading, and depth, the book demonstrates to business users the benefits of building systems that utilize data warehousing and data mining systems. It describes what the systems can do rather than how they work. Beginning with an overview of the current state of the data mining tools market, the book progresses to show you how to build and use these new systems to your corporation's best advantage.The book focuses on several key business processes, including customer relationship management, one-to-one marketing, marketing automation, sales force automation, enterprise resource management, and supply chain optimization. Real-world business examples allow users to put together well-reasoned business cases and to explore solutions to common business problems encountered by a variety of major industries.The authors' clear-cut writing style shows you how to• Understand where data mining can be used to the greatest benefit• Learn from real-world examples• Make informed decisions about the readiness of your organization to use data mining and data warehousing• Define a successful project plan for delivering a cost-effective and timely business solution• Create a business case for building a business solutionConsultants, CIOs, and IS managers looking to implement data management in their enterprises will find Building Data Mining Applications for CRM to be their one-stop resource for choosing the right systems for improving their profitability.

...Books. Home Browse by Title Books Building Data Mining Applications for CRM ... An Efficient CRM-Data Mining Framework for the Prediction ... ... . Building Data Mining Applications for CRM December 1999. December 1999. Read More. Authors: Alex Berson, Kurt Thearling; Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Inc. Professional Book Group 11 West 19th Street New York, NY; United States; ISBN: 978-1-4014-4092-3. Available at Amazon. Save to Binder Binder Export Citation ... In my opinion, CRM is not about data mining--see Dick Lee's book, The Customer Relationship Management Survival Guide, for a much more substantial treatment of CRM. In trying to be a book about CRM, this volume also does a poor job explai ... Building Data Mining Applications for CRM | Guide books ... . In trying to be a book about CRM, this volume also does a poor job explaining data mining techniques--I strongly recommend Linoff and Berry's second book, Mastering Data Mining, instead. In short, I don't think that this is the ... Learn more about Big Data and its relevance to CRM. Techniques for Data Mining in CRM Anomaly Detection. Searching for information that doesn't match expected behavior or a projected pattern is called anomaly detection. Anomalies can provide actionable information because they deviate from the average in the data set. Association Rule Learning Building Data Mining Applications for CRM.. [Alex Berson; Stephen Smith; Kurt Thearling;] -- Annotation How data mining delivers a powerful competitive advantage!Are you fully harnessing the power of information to supportmanagement and marketing decisions? You will, with this one-stop guide ... Home. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Search. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search ... It begins with an overview of the concepts of data mining and CRM, followed by a discussion of evolution, characteristics, techniques, and applications of both concepts. Next, it integrates the two concepts and illustrates the relationship, benefits, and approaches to implementation, and the limitations of the technologies. Through two studies, we offer a closer look at two data mining ... Building Data Mining Applications for CRM December 1999. December 1999. Read More. Authors: Alex Berson, Stephen Smith, Kurt Thearling; Publisher: McGraw-Hil...