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Implementing IP services at the network edge - Marie Hattar

DATE DE SORTIE: 20/02/2002
ISBN: 0-201-71079-X
AUTEUR: Marie Hattar

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A new type of internetworking device is changing the way Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and carriers deploy services. The Internet Protocol Services Switch (IPSS) platform offers improved service over traditional routers, and Implementing IP Services al the Network Edge is the timely, implementationfocused guide to helping ISPs and carriers get to this "edge" of networking capability and up to the forefront of today's competitive market.The edge is the point where the network joins various access technologies such as DSL, cable, and wireless connections with the high-speed routed and optical core. It is at that strategic network position where a provider has subscriber identity and cari apply value-added services before passing off all traffic to the core. The IPSS platform builds on the basic capabilities of the traditional router, but also offers, among many others, the following advantages:* Residential broadband subscriber aggregation and management* Adaptation of Frame Relay-based business into an IP backbone* Sophisticated firewalling* IPSec-based and MPLS-based VPNs* Content managementThrough implementation examples from actual provider networks, Implementing IP Services at the Network Edge shows readers how this technology can maximize new mass-market broadband deployments. The authors provide insight into provisioning capabilities, types of services, and various access technologies; and they also explain Internet architecture, regulations, types of ISPs and carriers and how they fit into the network, and market projections for subscriber services. Offering expanded services to customers garners increased revenue and lower subscriber turnover, and gives subscribers more affordable and sophisticated services.Today's ISPs and carriers are faced with an increasingly competitive and commodity-driven market for which they must provide high-value IP services. This book is the practical and definitive tool for maintaining the "edge" in today's demanding internetworking environment.

...or example, from 172.25.33. to 192.168.10 ... Vue d'ensemble des services de mise en réseau Azure ... ... .0). Carte réseau externe : External network adapter: Nœud 1 Node 1. Adresses IP publiques : Public IPs: Serveur Edge d'accès : (il s'agit de la ... Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next Generation Edge Network Services (642-889) Exam Description: ... 40% 2.0 MPLS layer 3 VPNs in Service Provider IP NGN Environments 2.1 Describe MPLS L3 VPN architecture and operations (RDs, RTs, VRFs, MP -BGP, PE-CE 2.2 routing) Describe the design models fo ... Vue d'ensemble des services de mise en réseau Azure ... ... .2 routing) Describe the design models for combining Internet access with MPLS L3 VPN services 2.3 Describe the various methods used to ... The two commands that are necessary to configure authentication via the password 1A2b3C for all OSPF-enabled interfaces in the backbone area (Area 0) of the company network would be ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 1A2b3C and area 0 authentication message-digest. The option area 1 authentication message-digest is incorrect because it refers to Area 1, not Area 0. The option enable password ... BGP Routing Features in a Service Provider IP NGN Environment: When implementing source-based remote-triggered black hole filtering, which two configurations are required on the edge routers that are not the signaling router? A. A static route to a prefix that is not used in the network with a next hop set to the Null0 interface: B. A static route pointing to the IP address of the attacker: C ... IP Addressing Design Considerations. Although security considerations for L2 are important, the attacks require local access to be successful. When designing your L3 layout, the ramifications of your decisions are much more important. This section outlines overall best practices for IP addressing, including basic addressing, routing, filtering, and Network Address Translation (NAT). General ... Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 v1.0 (300-075) Exam Description. The Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 (CIPTV2) v1.0 exam is a 75 minute 55-65 questi Implementing Multicast Service Reflection ... Unlike IP multicast Network Address Translation (NAT), which only translates the source IP address, the IP reflect service translates both source and destination addresses. Multicast service reflection is especially useful when users that have not yet moved to the new multicast group still need to receive the untranslated stream. Multicast service ... Our IP edge routers provide the scale, performance, and extensive functionality that service providers, webscale companies, and enterprises need to keep pace with new network demands. These platforms combine our breakthrough in-house-designed silicon innovations with our proven software and systems integration capabilities. They help you build a flexible, massively scalable, and highly ... Appendix A. Answers to Review Questions Chapter 1 1. A converged network is one in which data, voice, and video traffic coexists on a single network. 2. Integrated transport, integrated … - Selection from Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) Foundation Learning Guide: Foundation Learning for the ROUTE 642-902 Exam [Book] What is edge computing and why it matters With deployments of IoT devices and the arrival of 5G fast wireless, placing compute and analytics close to where data is created is making the case for ... Implementing a Network Design (1.1) ... This area provides access to all services, such as IP Telephony services, wireless controller services, and unified services. Enterprise Edge. The Enterprise Edge consists of the Internet, VPN, and WAN modules connecting the enterprise with the service provider's network. This module extends the enterprise services to remote sites and enables the ... Network Diagram How ioFog Works. ioFog is a microservice friendly platf...