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Discrete Chaos - Saber-N Elaydi

DATE DE SORTIE: 28/06/2000
ISBN: 1-58488-002-3
AUTEUR: Saber-N Elaydi

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Over the last 15 years, chaos has virtually exploded over the landscape of mathematics and showered its effects on nearly every scientific discipline. However, despite the large number of texts published on the subject, a need has persisted for a book accessible to readers of varying backgrounds that includes discussion of stability theory and emphasizes real-world applications.Discrete Chaos fills that need. With only calculus and linear algebra as prerequisites, this book offers a broad range of topics with a depth not often found in texts written at this level. Its unique treatment of chaos encourages readers to make mathematical discoveries of their own through computer experimentation.You'll find even the most difficult material in an elementary framework, easily accessible regardless of your background and specialization. With a multitude of exercises to further enhance the learning experience, Discrete Chaos offers the perfect vehicle for the journey into the rich world of chaos.Features• Provides a thorough treatment of both stability and chaos theories, including recent research findings• Incorporates the use of Maple software throughout the book - programs can be downloaded from the CRC website• Contains over 300 graphs and an extensive set of exercises• Integrates the notation from difference equations and discrete dynamical systems, showing that the division between the two, is largely artificial• Discusses a rich variety of applications in biology, physics, and other fields

... Institution of Chaotic Pulses for Discrete Reaction Diffusion Systems ... Chaos for Discrete Dynamical System ... . SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical... For discrete dynamical systems even a single dimensional equation can produce chaos as evidenced by the Chaotic attractors and why they exist are are closely related to fractals -- chaotic attractors... Discrete-event simulation model of an inventory system. Analysis of simulation output allows users to determine the reorder point and order size parameters minimizing total inventory costs. This apparent chaos results in what is known as the discrete log pro ... List of chaotic maps - Wikipedia ... . This apparent chaos results in what is known as the discrete log problem, which is the problem of finding the logarithm of an integer in a modular world or determining that it doesn't exist. In this paper, bifurcation analysis of a predator-prey discrete model equipped with Allee effect has been carried out both Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers. 20 March 1995 ELSEVIER PHYSICS LETTERS A Physics Letters A 199 ( 1995) 65-69 Controlling chaos in discrete neural networks Ricard V. Sole, Liset MenCndez de la Prida Complex. Relativistic chaos describes chaotic systems under general relativity. The motion of a system of Other discrete dynamical systems have a repelling structure called a Julia set which forms at the... Miraculous chaos scroll, we have it in GMS. From what I heard the range you can get from it is higher than ICOG but it's very random. Quick Tip don't waste your time on these scrolls, unless you have a... Get homework help fast! Search through millions of guided step-by-step solutions or ask for help from our community of subject experts 24/7. Try Chegg Study today! Keywords Discrete fractional calculus Chaos Caputo-like delta difference. G.-C. WuKey Laboratory of Numerical Simulation of SichuanProvince, College of Mathematics and InformationScience... "Commerce & Chaos" (2x31) is the thirty-first episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein take two weeks of downtime in Zadash, shopping and researching, before embarking on their next adventure......