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Understanding and Nurturing a Bilingual Childhood - Franck Scola

DATE DE SORTIE: 31/10/2016
ISBN: 979-10-227-4137-8
AUTEUR: Franck Scola

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Understanding and Nurturing a Bilingual Childhood is the fruit of the many illuminating experiences of a practicing doctor, addressing himself to the parents and grand-parents, the uncles and aunts of bilingual children, as well as to the numerous teachers, caregivers, and health professionals likely to be involved in the bilingual project. The aim of this book is to shed light on how you might set up a fruitful project of bilingual education for your child, offering realistic and practical advice based upon concrete research. The idea for the book came from the members of Dr. Scola's jury during his viva voce in defense of his thesis : Conditions enabling an early bilingual education to flourish. Over two-hundred different pieces of research are alluded to within its pages, along with the results of the author's own investigations. These are complemented and enriched by the vast clinical experience of Dr. Scola himself in the field.

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