Mastering The Job Interview And Winning The Money Game

Wendleton, Kate

Mastering The Job Interview And Winning The Money Game
DATE 2005
AUTHOR Wendleton, Kate
ISBN 9781418015008

Description of the book

Kate Wendleton (New York, NY) is the author of the best-selling book, Through the Brick Wall, and has been a career coach since 1978, when she founded The Five O'Clock Club, the leading national career counseling network that helps job hunters, career changers, and consultants at all levels. She is also the founder of Workforce America, a not-for-profit organization serving adult job hunters in Harlem who are not yet in the professional or managerial ranks. A former CFO of two small companies, Kate has twenty years of business experience and an MBA.Wendleton, Kate is the author of 'Mastering The Job Interview And Winning The Money Game ', published 2005 under ISBN 9781418015008 and ISBN 1418015008.


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