Political Economy of Inequality

Ackerman, Frank, Goodwin, Neva R., Dougherty, Laurie

Political Economy of Inequality
AUTHOR Ackerman, Frank, Goodwin, Neva R., Dougherty, Laurie
ISBN 9781559637985

Description of the book

The disparity in wealth within and between nations has grown rapidly and is now a significant issue in attempts to deal with environmental problems. This text is an examination of the theory behind the causes, consequences and cures for inequality.Ackerman, Frank is the author of 'Political Economy of Inequality' with ISBN 9781559637985 and ISBN 1559637986.


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...research stays). Apart from an outstanding ... Download [PDF] The Political Economy Of Inequality Free ... ... ... Kate Andrias - Recently on this blog, Sabeel Rahman and Ganesh Sitaraman detailed the growing interest among public law scholars in questions of power, inequality, and political economy. One feature of the emerging scholarship, they correctly note, is that it directs its attention not primarily to courts, but to legislators and social movements; it focuses… The Political Economy of International Finance in an Age of Inequality is a new volume of 11 research papers edited by PERI Co-Director Gerald Epstein.Epstein introduces the book by observing t ... (PDF) The Political Economy of Inequality and Redistribution ... .Epstein introduces the book by observing that neoliberal financial policies are presently ascendant globally, a decade after the system survived the 2007-09 financial crisis only through a massive series of government bailouts. THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF INEQUALITY James A. Robinson Working Paper 493 June 2009 Disclaimer: This paper was prepared for the 15th Annual Meeting of the Economic Research Forum for the Middle East, held in Cairo November 2008. I would like to thank Ahmed Galal and the organizing committee for inviting me and for the incredible hospitality of the hosts. I am grateful to Jeff Nugent and Roger ... The Political Economy of Inequality by Frank Stilwell, 9781509528653, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. ... general readers and scholars interested in inequality in political economy, economics, public policy and beyond. show more. Product details. Format Paperback | 224 pages Dimensions 151 x 234 x 23mm | 444g Publication date 28 May 2019; Publisher Polity Press ... Within remarkably few years, the issue of economic inequality have moved from a peripheral issue within academia, to one of the most pressing issues of the day. The course presents an introduction to the issue of economic inequality within economics, political science and related fields. This involves a history of the patterns of global inequality since 1800, and the methodological debates ......