Evaluation Basics A Practitioner's Manual

Kosecoff, Jacqueline B., Fink, Arlene

Evaluation Basics A Practitioner's Manual
AUTHOR Kosecoff, Jacqueline B., Fink, Arlene
ISBN 9780803918979

Description of the book

A step-by-step guide through the process of programme evaluation which takes into account all the evaluator's roles -- not just as researcher, but as negotiator, administrator and organizer, writer, and communicator. Kosekoff and Fink offer some of the techniques that have proven useful in their own professional evaluation practice. They show how to appraise a programme's merit, and provide information about its goals, expectations, outcomes, impact and costs.Kosecoff, Jacqueline B. is the author of 'Evaluation Basics A Practitioner's Manual' with ISBN 9780803918979 and ISBN 0803918976.


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