Entrepreneurship and Innovation An Economic Approach

McDaniel, Bruce A.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation An Economic Approach
AUTHOR McDaniel, Bruce A.
ISBN 9780765607096

Description of the book

Bruce A. McDaniel is chair of the Economics Department at the University of Northern ColoradoMcDaniel, Bruce A. is the author of 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation An Economic Approach' with ISBN 9780765607096 and ISBN 0765607093.


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... rights play a central role in innovation and entrepreneurship in our society ... MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Lancaster University ... . The economic theories that aim to quantify the value of protecting intellectual property take different approaches. The rise of new technologies has created an expansion in intellectual property claims, and there is now a demand for new approaches to intellectual-property protection. This is an opportunity for you to carry out an in depth investigation into a topic of Entrepreneurship and Innovation which is of particular interest to you. It should have an appropriately clear focus and be an investigation based o ... Entrepreneurship and innovation : an economic approach ... ... . It should have an appropriately clear focus and be an investigation based on primary and/or secondary data, justified and supported by detailed reference to relevant theories and concepts from literature. This idea of entrepreneurship driving innovation to create value - social and com- mercial - across the lifecycle of organizations is central to this book. T able 1.2 gives some Entrepreneurship and Innovation: An Economic Approach by Bruce A. McDaniel, 9780765607089, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In context of entrepreneurship, this book was motivated by a desire of a team of well-known authors. The book consists of 23 closely related thematic contributions, which fall into 4 separate sections: Interactions between Economy and Entrepreneurship; Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth; Current Trends in Family Business, Social Entrepreneurship and Responsibility; and The Role ... Because we know far too little about the key characteristics of Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs and the ways they innovate, our balanced, systematic comparison of entrepreneurship and innovation results in a new approach to looking at economic growth that can be used to model empirical data from other countries. The importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to any economy has been ... therefore how entrepreneurship and innovation should be valued—and valuing entrepreneurship and innovation is at the heart of valuing an entrepreneurial enterprise—the importance of the economic doctrines underlying the prevalent frameworks for thinking about the economy should Entrepreneurship is a source of innovation and change, and as such spurs improv ements in productivity and economic competitiveness. Entrepreneurship is closely associated with knowledge and flexibility, two factors that...