Great Customer Service on the Telephone

Anderson, Kristin

Great Customer Service on the Telephone
AUTHOR Anderson, Kristin
ISBN 9780814477953

Description of the book

"First impressions are often lasting impressions. How customers are treated on the phone can quickly turn them into either an ex-customer or a customer for life. This thorough, quick-reading guide shows anyone who uses the phone -- from salesperson to manager to secretary -- how to treat it as a service tool that directly impacts on company profits. Readers will be able to double their effectiveness when they learn how to: * handle irate customers * end those ""endless"" calls * take meaningful messages * handle conference calls and transfer calls * screen calls and ask focused questions * use the phone during emergencies * improve their voice effectiveness With worksheets, checklists, and fill-in forms, this desktop primer will inspire fabulous phone service."Anderson, Kristin is the author of 'Great Customer Service on the Telephone' with ISBN 9780814477953 and ISBN 081447795X.


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... for Excellent Telephone Customer Service ... Common Customer Service Interview Questions With Best Answers ... . 1. Follow good telephone etiquette. This may seem obvious, but basic telephone etiquette goes a long way towards making the customer's experience a positive one. Answer calls promptly, avoid long wait and hold times, and always ask the customer before you put them on hold or transfer them. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer on a service ... The email was an good example of exceptional customer service, as it acknowledged the customer's frustration, while the writer took personal ownership of the problem - saying "I'm very sorry" - and offered a goodwill gesture. This email was met with a great respons ... The 7 Critical Telephone Customer Service Skills - Phone ... ... . This email was met with a great response by the airline's understandably frustrated passengers. One such ... What makes the best customer service greeting phrases for your contact centre scripts? We surveyed over 80 of our readers to find out which examples work best. Our survey involved calling ten contact centres belonging to ten different companies, all of which are household names in the United Kingdom, asking our readers to vote on which examples offered the best customer greeting. We share 5 ways to help you deliver great customer service, including real-life examples from Lexus, Starbucks, Amazon and more. When was the last time you provided good customer service? Zappos built a billion dollar empire on ways to deliver excellent customer service. In fact, delivering excellent customer service is one of Zappos' company values. And while there are thousands of negative ... The 7 Critical Telephone Customer Service Skills In order to ensure that your call center customer service training has a real impact on your CSRs and truly delivers a return on your training investment, the first step is to decide which specific skills you need to emphasize in your training effort. Customer service is an integral part of our job and should not be seen as an external extension of it.A company's most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not and could not exist in business. When you satisfy your customers, they not only help you grow by continuing to do business with you but they will also recommend you to friends and associates. Resolving customer queries as quickly as possible is a cornerstone of good customer service. Speed should be of the essence — especially for smaller issues that don't take much time to solve. That being said — great customer service beats speed every time. Customers understand that more comple...