Greening Business Managing for Sustainable Development

Davis, John, Lessem, Ronnie

Greening Business Managing for Sustainable Development
AUTHOR Davis, John, Lessem, Ronnie
ISBN 9780631193159

Description of the book

Davis shows that the developed and developing world must now pursue 'sustainable development' requiring high levels of directed innovation. Industrial and commercial businesses of all kinds must bring about what amounts to a second industrial revolution.Managers at all levels must accept responsibility for this fundamental change. Products must be more durable. Repair, reconditioning, reuse and recycling must be maximized.This important book, now available in paperback, provides managers and students with practical strategies with which to respond to these challenges.Davis, John is the author of 'Greening Business Managing for Sustainable Development' with ISBN 9780631193159 and ISBN 0631193154.


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...le Development (Developmental Management Series) at Amazon ... Sustainable business - Wikipedia ... .com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Sustainable business and environment management is the key competitive advantage in the twenty-first century world. The sustainable management of people, process and product is a difficult task and firms should install a sustainable architecture to get the best out of both "mind-share" and "market-share" philosophy Singh, 2018b). Leaders and managers across industry are engaged in ... ... Greening Business: Managing for Sustainable Development ... ... . Leaders and managers across industry are engaged in ... The 'AU-TBCSD Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management (C-SEM)' was established in 2004 with the co-operation of Assumption University (AU). It aims to raise awareness of business sustainable development practices among students, especially among those enrolled in the BA and MBA program, as well as among business managers in order to integrate sustainable strategies with mainstream ... Keywords: Green business, logistics, sustainable development, competitiveness © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer-review under responsibility of International Conference on Leadership, Technology and Innovation Management 1.Introduction Sustainable development is one of the pillars of strategic management. Companies aim to survive and earn above the average as they ... Sustainable procurement tools Find out what good practice in sustainable procurement looks like and what tools are available . Published 2 September 2014 From: Department for Environment, Food & R Green building construction is earning a place in Singapore's construction industry, and, with augmenting cognizance of environmental issues and growing concern over climate change, sustainable construction is gradually being put forth globally. However, construction of green buildings in Singapore still encounters impediments, as there is a lack of proper project management framework for such ... Green Business Parks (GBPs) are getting an increasing interest from both the private and public sectors since GBPs is a way of achieving more sustainable industrial and business development. However, the adoption of GBPs still encounters impediments because there is a lack of proper project management framework for such projects. Therefore, the objectives of this study are to: (1) investigate ... development in event management by making responsible decisions during planning, organization and implementation of an event. Thus, the objectives of this paper are; i). to define the characteristics of a green event, ii) to develop a plan to organize a sustainable event, iii) to explore some of the issues encompassing the management and staging of a green event and iv) to examine the ......