Organizational Transformation and Process Reengineering

Edosomwan, Johnson A.

Organizational Transformation and Process Reengineering
AUTHOR Edosomwan, Johnson A.
ISBN 9781884015564

Description of the book

Organizational Transformation and Process Engineering is the key to achieving success in the new customer-driven market economy. Organizations are going through tremendous changes, creating environments where all employees can contribute their best, where customer expectations are exceeded, and where efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and competitiveness are taken seriously as critical success factors. Written to assist those companies and organizations striving to keep pace with the competitive atmosphere of the 90s, this book provides all the essential tools, techniques, methodologies, models, and technologies for transformation and reengineering. Broad and comprehensive in scope, Organizational Transformation and Process Reengineering explains how to change not just one area, but structures, policies, procedures, processes, and management systems-any aspect of an organizational structure that no longer responds to the current demands of the marketplace. Years of research, teaching, consulting, and practical work experience led Dr. Edosomwan, a leader in his field, to put his unique and practical theories into a volume designed to help organizations overcome the impediments involved in process reengineering projects. He outlines a step-by-step methodology for analyzing organizational structures; the six R's of organizational transformation; models that can be utilized in both public and private organizations; tools and techniques for achieving reengineering goals; implementation plans; and key survival and success factors.Edosomwan, Johnson A. is the author of 'Organizational Transformation and Process Reengineering' with ISBN 9781884015564 and ISBN 1884015565.


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...ansformation and reengineering --Organizational transformation guidelines and models --Reengineering process improvement models --Tools and techniques for ... Guide to Business Processing Engineering | Smartsheet ... ... Business Process Reengineering Definition: The Business Process Reengineering or BPR is the analysis and redesign of core business processes to achieve the substantial improvements in its performance, productivity, and quality.The business process refers to the set of interlinked tasks or activities performed to achieve a specified outcome. Introduction This chapter aimed to describe the way to get the foundation understanding about Business Process Reengineering and the relations with Organ ... Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Definition, Steps ... ... . Introduction This chapter aimed to describe the way to get the foundation understanding about Business Process Reengineering and the relations with Organization Transformation. Regarding the background of the objectives, the literature survey was start from the need of Organizational Transformation and Business Process Reengineering. From this point of view, the role of information system in… Business Process Reengineering: Strategic Tool for Managing Organizational Change an Application in a Multinational Company Article (PDF Available) · January 2012 with 9,380 Reads How we measure ... Summary. Winner of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's (HIMSS) 2015 Book of the Year Award. Given the on-going changes and challenges faced by today's health care organizations, Organizational and Process Reengineering Approaches for Health Care Transformation provides a practical, leader-led and team-based approach for reengineering organizations and transforming ... In Organizational and Process Reengineering Approaches for Health Care Transformation, Jean Ann captures the keys to total success based on her unique and valuable insights along with her strategic and holistic perspectives to total health care transformation." ―Imelda K. Butler, Managing Director of Century Management and Co-founder of the Odyssey Consulting Institute, Dublin, Ireland "This ... Business Process Re-Engineering vs Continuous Improvement - Business Process Re-engineering is the radial designs of the business that help to experience dramatic improvements in the business cycle, quality, as well as productivity.The business Process re-engineering is the great idea to introduce new plans on the existing processes that supports to offer great value to the respective customer. The traditional definition is that Business Process Reengineering Methodology involves the radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.. The change is extreme, starting with a blank sheet of paper and ending with a completely new process, always thinking about the value to offer the client. Organization Development & Change, 9th Edition Thomas G. Cummings & Christopher G. Worley Vice President of Editorial, Business: Jack W. Calhoun Vice President/Editor-in-Chief: Melissa Acuña Executive Editor: Joe Sabatino Developmental Editor: Denise Simon Marketing Manager: Clint Kernen Content Project Manager: D. Jean Buttrom Manager of Technology, Editorial: John Barans Media Editor: Rob ... BPR doesn't need organizational change management. The very nature of BPR cries out for good change management principles. Any time you make an improvement, change management must be in effect. Get the software before the BPR process. You do not need to have the software first; you can reengineer the processes before choosing the software. All processes should be overhauled before getting a ......